wooden wheels for this 1908 grand prix car good for 100 mph made by Martin

Martin van Klei builds wooden wheels for horse drawn carriages, farm carts, static and field cannons
but especially over the last thirty years for veteran and Edwardian vehicles.
He can deliver these highly specialised wheels thoughout the world.
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The wheels are made from the finest quality Ash or Hickory, naturally dried to a humidity of 10 to 15%.

Most carts, wagons or automobiles are exhibited in a hall or showroom with low humidity
controlled by central heating or airconditioning.

During the manufacturing process wood being used is kept in a humidity controlled container and
with aid of hydrogell capsules a value of some 10% is maintained.

Once constructed, a wheel is then fitted with a beaded edged steel rim under a pressure of some 10,000 kilos,
under normal ambient temperatures the wood will naturally expand, creating an even tighter and permanent fit.
Following sanding, preperation and cleaning, two coats of linseed oil paint are applied.
Wooden wheels from Martin's workshop are good for speeds up to 100 mph.

beaded edge tyres for this car with 1906 continental profile made by Martin

Years of craftsmanship in woodworking, where Martin fabricated among other things carriage wheels
and wheels for veteran, messing and vintage car wheels since 1968, enabled him to develop a unique technique
for creating tyres for veteran and Edwardian vehicles.

The tyres are handfabricated by Martin personally and are the result of a unique production process
that was developed on basis of years of experience and passion on solid tyres.

Martin's Veteran Tyres are designed for cars dating from 1890 until 1910
and are best described as Semi-Pneumatic Beaded Edge tyres.
They are unique in the world.
Made of first class durable materials, the tyre has a massive but relatively soft centre.
This ensures a tyre that is unpuncturable and even bulletproof, extremely durable
and does not heat up excessively.
These advantages do not compromise a most comfortable drive.

The tyres are fabricated by hand and are custom made.
Completely set to your wishes of the way the tyres should look as well as the way you want to use your car.
Because of that, the tyres can be created in any size, with any profile and with a remarkable durability.
The range in colors available varies from cream to light grey.

In case the authentic look of your Veteran car isn't clear, Martin is happy to conduct
the necessary research in order to reveal the accurate profile, colour.
This will complete the accurate look of your car in historic perspective.

The combination of thorough research into your car and its tyres if necessary,
Martin's craftsmanship and continuous striving for perfection, guarantees your car
will regain the look of old times and ensure you a comfortable drive.

mors 1897

nargant 1900

mors 1902

renault 1902
Quality guaranteed:

• Strong tyres, long lasting
• Hardness of the tyre 81 shore
• Bulletproof, unpuncturable
• Quality test

A good indication of the quality of the tyre is the temperature it reaches when in use.
The tyre temperature was 82ºF (28ºC) at 80 miles (130 km) per hour
for a minimum of one hour with a 660 pounds (300 kg)ballast
and hardness of the tyre at 81 shore at an environment temperature of 72ºF (22ºC).


Delivery time & price:
please contact Martin for offering.

email : martinsveterantyres@gmail.com
address : ship `de Hoop`
    Koningsdam 1
    3011 TN Rotterdam NL
phone : +31 644238473

When making your acquaintance with Martin, the type of car, its year of construction
and the desired features of the tyre will be discussed.
The way the car and its tyre will be used is also topic of inquiry.
This information and possible research that may be needed, will be taken into account
when drawing up an offer and delivery time.

When you agree to the conditions, wheels can be sent over as the tyres are made on the wheels.

stud application to tyres can have any profile, pattern or multiple rows as required


1908 gp de l'ACF, Dieppe Camille Jenatzy (Mors) 16th






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Martin van Klei has built bodyworks for many years.

Please find below some imagery from the past..